Lea will create a modern painting that defines what your best friend means to you.

Dog Portraits
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You have the choice of your best friend in front of or “within” your favourite location or a close up. You could nominate the colors or just let Lea know what type of tones you would like and leave it to Lea to create a masterpiece that you will love.

All paintings are oil on canvas for a beautiful vibrant finish.


The owner (Mark) took the photo of Odie (a rescue dog) enjoying Melbourne’s iconic Luna Park. Lea has used a detailed finish in this 1m x 1m painting.


Lea transformed Kai’s first photo as a pup into this pop art work. The piece looks like a modern wall hanging but to the owners the soul of the kid was captured perfectly.


Lea captured the “Love” in Zak’s eyes. It’s a painting that immortalised a boy that was lost too soon to this world. 

Your painting can show your best friend in any location. Either send us your  pic in his or her favourite location, or just nominate a place to have in the background.

You can also indicate the space you are trying to fill and Lea can suggest a painting size.


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A tailored price will be offered after a call to determine how your painting will constructed. Lea will want to know: Size (50cm to 2m) Background Style Your location Please leave your details below (include your phone number to discuss your needs)

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